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Since the appearance of the low-cost airlines the growth of weekend trips becoming more and more popular.
Unfortunately, there is still no easy tool to find the cheapest destinations for a weekend in an easy way, especially if you want to leave Friday after work and come back Sunday evening, to use the most of the weekend.

At Fly This Weekend we believe there is a better way to find where to go this weekend than checking destination by destination or using search engines with ‘Anywhere’ option that still require you to check every price, adjust departure times and mostly don’t even include all the flights..

We are a small team of passionate travelers trying to make a simple and a useful tool, where users can just click on SEARCH and see ALL the places they can travel in the upcoming weekend.

Our goal is not to build a massive flight search engine, like many others already on the market, but to build the perfect search engine for weekend traveling.

Meet the founders

Vladi Trop

Peter Kollarovits