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Fly This Weekend

Is it safe to book on flythisweekend.com?

Fly This Weekend is a search engine. When you click “SELECT” you will be redirected to a 3rd party provider, currently it’s Kiwi. Kiwi is a trusted provider for flight tickets.

Do I find the cheapest rates on Fly This Weekend?

The prices we show on the website are never higher than the one’s you will see on Kiwi.

Do you charge any fees?

Fly This Weekend is free to use and does not charge any fees. We got a commission from our provider for every sold flight ticket.

How come you have flights that don’t appear on other websites when searching to ANYWHERE?

One of our unique features is combining multiple search results in our search alghoritm, so that you can see really ALL the flights available.

Do flight prices include Taxes and Fees?

Yes, the price you see in the search result is the final price.

Why when I get redirected to a provider's website the currency is different?

Fly This Weekend currently supports EUR and USD currency. When you are redirected to Kiwi, it might change the currency based on your geolocation.

Can I book for more than two passengers?

Yes, after clicking SELECT on the flight you are interested. Click on Add passenger on Kiwi and add as many passengers as needed. Most airlines are limiting the booking to 9 passengers per booking.

What are the baggage limitations on each flight?

After clicking SELECT you will be redirected to Kiwi, where you can see the baggage conditions of that flight. Please check it carefully before booking.

Can I search a one way flight?

No, we do not see how this would be useful for a weekend trip.

Can I search not direct flights?

No, we see no point in adding indirect flights, since it will not be useful for a weekend trip, but will add a lot of confusing flight options.

Can I search on other dates than a weekend?

Yes, there is no limit on the dates. Even though that’s not the purpose you are free to use any dates you would like.

Who should I contact for flight ticket changes or problems?

Please contact Kiwi for any flight ticket changes or problems that you have.

Fly This Weekend - Warmest places

How to find the warmest destinations for a weekend?

Fly This Weekend allows you to filter your search results with a temperature fliter.
Just fill in the minimum temperature and your results will be filtered.

Additionally, you can see the predicted temperature on these dates and the average high temperature next to each destination

Why sometimes there is a predicted temperature and sometimes a monthly average?

We provide a predicted temperature only 5 days ahead. Predictions with more than 5 days ahead have a lower chance to be accirate. In that case we are providing the monthly average temperature for that destination, instead.

What is the source of the monthly temperature averages?

We are using a reliable source that provides an average monthly temperature for each destination.
The temperature shown on the website is the HIGH temperature, representing what you can expect during the day.
If you click on the temperature, you will be redirected to the website to see more details.

Fly Any Weekend

How is Fly Any Weekend different from Fly This Weekend?

While Fly This Weekend shows the cheapest flights to anywhere on a specific weekend, Fly Any Weekend shows the cheapest weekend for a specific destination.

Let's see the difference based on this example:

On Fly This Weekend you will choose a weekend, input just Brussels in the FROM field and see the following results:

- Warsaw - 50EUR
- Budapest - 75EUR
- Prague - 80EUR
and etc.

This way you can easily choose the best destination to travel. On Fly Any Weekend you have to choose from Brussels and to Prague and see a calendar with the following results:

Weekend of 22/05/2020 - 24/05/2020 - 90EUR
Weekend of 31/05/2020 - 02/06/2020 - 70EUR
Weekend of 06/06/2020 - 08/06/2020 - 95EUR
and etc.

This way you can easily choose the best weekend to travel from Brussels to Prague.

What if there is more than one flight on that weekend?

In the calendar you will always see the price for the cheapest flight.
Once you click on that weekend you can see alternative flights to that destination. (Will be available soon)


What is a wishlist?

Wishlists allow you to save your favorite destinations on a single page and easily check the cheapest weekends when you can go to these destinations.

How to create a wishlist?

After making a search on Fly This Weekend, mark the destinations you would like to add to your wishlist by clicking on the star icon.
Once added, you will see an icon at the bottom of the screen that will take you to the wishlist itself.

How to save the wishlist?

After the wishlist was created, you can save the URL and open it anytime.
This wishlhist is not a static page. You will always see up to date prices, whenever you open it.

How can I invite a friend to join me?

After the wishlist was created, you can share the wishlist with a friend, by using the share buttons on the page or by just copy-pasting the link.

This way you can choose a weekend together.

Note: we recommend booking the tickets together in one booking, to avoid a situation when the price of the 2nd ticket suddenly went up..

In the Kiwi booking window that will open click on "Add passenger" to add as many passengers as you like.