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Built for stayover flights

The only flight search engine that is built specifically for flights with stayovers of couple of days in between.
Especially useful for long and expensive flights
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Cheaper flights and see more

Often the cheapest connection is not the connection on the same day. By staying for couple of days in your connecting location will allow you to see an extra place on the way and often get a cheaper price.
Other flight search engines currently allow to see flights with layover of maximum 25 hours only.
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Cheapest FROM anywhere

Many websites allow you to search the cheapest places to fly to, but no website allows you to see FROM where is the cheapest to fly to your destination.
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Connecting two separate flights

This is achieved by combining two serparate flight search results and matching the airports in between them
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Built for nomads

Built by a nomad for nomads that spend hours to find the cheapest route manually :)